The Oxford Handbook of Comparative Constitutional Law

The Oxford Handbook of Comparative Constitutional Law

The Oxford Handbook of Comparative Constitutional Law By Michel Rosenfeld and András Sajó

The Editors wish above all to thank Elena L. Cohen, Cardozo School of Law JD, 2010, and Doctoral Candidate in Political Science at CUNY Graduate Center, for her multiple, superb, and invaluable contributions to this project. These contributions included research, editing of texts, overall management of all the technical aspects and logistics of the project, and coordination of communication and exchanges among the Editors, the Publisher, and the more than sixty contributors to the Handbook. The Editors also wish to thank The Cardozo School of Law and its Dean, Matthew Diller for the generous financial and institutional support, as well as for the encouragement that they provided to this project over several years. Special recognition and heartfelt thanks are also due to the Floersheimer Center for Constitutional Democracy at Cardozo, which generously supported research and several international conferences that have had an important bearing on the conception and realization of the present Handbook. Last, but by no means least, the Editors are grateful to Alex Flach, Commissioning Editor at Oxford University Press, for all the key help, useful advice, and sustained cooperation that he provided us throughout all the phases of this project.

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