Public Administration: An Action Orientation

Public Administration: An Action Orientation

Public Administration: An Action Orientation By Robert B. Denhardt

The seventh edition of Public Administration: An Action Orientation updates the text by taking it through President Obama’s first term and into his second term, following a very close election. It discusses the implications of the recent economic crisis, explores the resulting budget deficits at all levels of government as well as the increase in the national debt, considers the possible ramifications of the Obama health care reform effort, and covers recent political moves to limit collective bargaining for public employees. Most notably, the book has been revised to more completely examine performance in government, on the one hand, and efforts to engage citizens in the work of public and nonprofit organizations, on the other hand. Placed in the context of the history of reform in the field, we now have extended our discussion of management reforms such as the New Public Management, updated material on advances in information and communication technology, and given more emphasis to performance management systems. In addition, we have included important new material dealing with leadership, organizational theory, and bureaucracy; expanded the discussion of special purpose governments, including school districts; and given a closer look at the increasingly important connection between public administration and civic action or citizenship.

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