Public Administration, a Comparative Perspective

Public Administration, a Comparative Perspective

Public Administration, a Comparative Perspective By Ferrel Heady

In recent decades there has been a great upwelling of research in and writing about comparative public administration. The roots of some of this research reach deep into traditions of scholarly research in philosophy, politics, history, sociology, and other realms of academia. But much has been the result of post-World War II geopolitical circumstances. These include but are hardly limited to the effective end of prominent colonial empires about the globe; the further rise and then deflation of a major Marxist Leninist state; a more-than-trebling of political entities nominally (at least) independent; a vast disparity in wealth, power, stability, and status among the independent political entities; and increased productivity and new fashions and emphases in academic activities, research and writing bearing on comparative public administration.

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